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For artists, graphic designers, and marketers looking to create realistic two-dimensional and three-dimensional images


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Adobe Dimension is a 3D modeling program that is faster than most other solutions. Unlike most 3D modelling programs that only allow you to use 3D shapes and images, Adobe Dimension allows you to use 2D images and machine learning for faster production. You can also access a large library of objects, textures and colors for rapid development.

Main Features

The main feature of Adobe Dimension is that it allows you to create 3D models. You might need a 3D model for a variety of different reasons. You might need it for 3D animations, to see what your product will look like when it's actually produced and much more. Regardless of your needs, Adobe Dimension ensures that you can make a 3D model faster than ever.

Most programs force you to build the entire model from scratch. This might be good in some instances, but this program speeds up the process by combining 2D modelling with machine learning. Instead of wasting days of time and hundreds of layers on making the model, Adobe Dimension uses advanced features to understand what you're creating and to do it faster than humanly possible.

Large Object Library

If you've used 3D modelling programs before, then you know that a good object library will save you hours of time. This is a library of common objects such as doors, sinks, cups, grass and more. Instead of making these objects from scratch, you can simply click the object from the library and add it to your project.

You'll be happy to know that Adobe Dimension has an extensive object library. Not only that, but it's easy to search through and you can add the object in seconds.

Monthly Pricing

Many programs are paid for once and that's it. You can then use the program as much as you want without ever paying for it again. The unfortunate truth is that this program has a monthly cost based on your plan. There are two plans with one costing $29 a month and the other costing $59 a month.

The lower cost gives you less cloud storage space and reduces how many secondary programs that you can use. The more expensive one gives you access to more Adobe programs while giving you unlimited cloud storage.

Material Layers

If you want your 3D model to look realistic, then you need to add materials or textures. While you can always do this from scratch, that would take a tremendous amount of time and it's easy to mess up. This program comes with over 70 different materials to choose from.

You can select materials such as wood, metal, ceramic, cardboard and much more. Simply select the object, choose a texture and it will be added. There are even some sliders so that you can change the color, grain, roughness and more.


  • Has an extensive library of objects to choose from
  • Is much faster than most other 3D modelling programs because it combines 2D designing with machine learning
  • There are over 70 different materials to choose from


  • The monthly cost can get expensive if you aren't frequently using this program

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